Small Business Growth

Lots of small business owners see a sudden rise in their rate of growth as an awesome situation . They love to see a lot more sales come in and have a sudden growth in profits.  But what if you’re caught off guard by a sharp increase in demand?  Surely you must have a master plan to deal with this scenario – BEFORE it happens.

1. Construct a Scalable Basement

Take a moment to think:  How much of your infrastructure would buckle if right now, there were a sudden, unexpected and dramatic increase in demand for your service or product?  As soon as your company began, you probably put certain policies in place that work with the resources you had at the time. You also probably knew that it wouldn’t be the absolute best in the long run, however it worked for that moment, at the inception.

Make a choice to get away from non-scalable routines quickly. You can’t at all times know the minute your business will see a sudden, dramatic increase. As an example, going viral on a social media website very well could enable you to have a large number of fresh, potential customers – all at once. Focus on the techniques most probable to be affected negatively in such a scenario, like your web servers being overloaded, or running out of basic supplies at your on-site location.  Then go down your checklist until everything has a plan B.

2. Avoid That Impulse to Reinvest Right Away

…So you had a good holiday season?  For many, it’s possible and easy to spend more when you experience an increased income compared to what you are usually accustomed to. The enticement to increase your buying is not easy to avoid. A major mistake for businesses happens when you increase the expenses significantly during the time period of an expansion. If you simply cannot support that new growth rate, your sales and profits fall, however you have all of the the outgoing funds. Then slow season comes back around.  Our Small Business financial products and services are one way for you to fix and/or strategize for small business growth.

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